About the Havanese

If you are looking to adopt a puppy that will not grow into a large dog, the Havanese might well be what you are looking for.  The breed is a native to the island of Cuba and some estimate that their heritage can be traced all the way back to the 16th century.  Although they fall into the somewhat discriminatory labeled Toy breeds, they are very hardy.  Originally, they were bred for the purpose of herding chickens and also to be pets for children who came from rather aristocratic families.  They are known for having a luxurious and silky coat that adds to the breeds charm and appeal.

Prices for a purebred Havanese can range between $1000 and $3000.  They make excellent family pets and are great if you have children, provided that they are exposed to children while still young.  They are very protective and enjoy keeping a watchful eye over their family or ‘pack’.  Although they do not make good attack dogs due to their small stature they nevertheless are excellent at notifying you if and when a stranger or intruder enters your property by barking loudly and menacingly.

Throughout the 1900s, the Havanese enjoyed a continual rise in popularity, especially in Cuba.  This is due to their affectionate and pleasing dispositions as well as their beautiful and silky coats.  While still in the puppy stage many refer to them as Havana Silks because of their coats.  They are also very intelligent, which is another reason they have become popular.  Many owners are aware of the fact that their Havanese puppy can quickly learn and execute tricks by following commands given by their owners.

The Havanese arrived on American shores in the early 1900s but it would be a further seventy-odd years before they really began to become popular.  In 1979, fans of the breed started the Havanese Club of America but the breed was only officially recognized in 1991 when the AKC categorized them as a ‘toy’ breed five years later.

Great with kids, beautiful, intelligent, charming and protective, the Havanese has enjoyed constant growth in popularity.  For anyone living in an apartment with limited access to the outdoors, this is an ideal breed of dog to choose as they do not require as much room as other dogs do.

Another thing that maHavanese Carekes this a great breed of dog to share your home with is the fact that they actually have very few genetic diseases to worry about and so are rather healthier than some other breeds with a life expectancy of about sixteen years.  This is obviously advantageous for a number of reasons, not least of which is that you will not have to worry about genetic disorders that could result in rather high veterinary bills that you are then responsible for.

For people living in apartments or with children, the Havanese is an excellent choice of dog.  They love to learn and to perform the tricks that they have mastered which is why many of the aristocratic people that used to own them would have them performing for their guests.  They have wonderful personalities; learn quickly and look stunning thanks to that luxurious, silky coat.

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